Weigh-in Wednesday #16: Day 2 of 70

SW: 242.8 lbs

CW:  214.0 lbs

WK13: +3.8 lbs
WK14: +1.2 lbs
WK15: -5.2 lbs
WK16: +2.8

TL: -28.8 lbs 

So day 1 didn’t end so well for me… I did not go to the gym, and I ended up snacking the night away! UGH!

On a positive note, after MONTHS of letting my eating get out of control, I’m only 3-ish pounds over my lowest weight (210.8, I think).

Today is a new opportunity to get it right! So far, so good. I almost failed to prep my meals last night, but I knew if I didn’t, today would be another fail… After work, is when I’m going to struggle. I’m already day dreaming about french fries!

Let hope that my prepped meals and the fact that I’m broke will stop me from buying food that’s not good for me.

This weekend is the Canada Day long weekend! YAY! My favorite weekends are long weekends, lol. I don’t have any set plans. Hubby is going to Montreal for a bachelor party. This will be our first weekend apart since we got married. My sister will be staying with me, so we’ll probably try to do something fun downtown and see some fireworks. Needless to say, it’s going to be a challenge to avoid overeating this weekend.

Next weekend will be hard too! It’s our first wedding anniversary!! On Saturday, we’re celebrating our friend’s civil wedding with drinks. On Sunday/Monday, we’ll be at Niagara. I can’t even bring myself to promise to be good because it’s our first anniversary! I’m going to enjoy it! I’ll just have to be suuuper good during the week and get in good workouts.

Ah, this post is kind of just be rambling. I’ve been having a hard time staying disciplined. I haven’t given up, and I WILL NOT give up! I’ve fallen so many times but I know I can get back up! I will start to see progress again soon, it may come slower than it did in the beginning, but I’m okay with that. LET’S DO THIS!


Day 163: 70 Days ’til Orlando!


Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged here! Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing very well in the diet department… I have been up and down in weight since April (averaging between 211 lbs – 218 lbs). I will say that I don’t think I’ve gained any actual fat back because being on track for 2-3 days will usually have me back at my lowest (211).

My workouts have been good, though inconsistent for the past few weeks. I am still using the Strong Lifts app and I was almost at a 200 lb squat, but I skipped the gym for a week and let the app deload my workout, so I’ll have to work my way up again.

My eating has been atrocious, I am struggling to get more than 2 good days in a week. That’s why I’m here again. I read one of my older posts about motivation because I’m definitely lacking in that. I’m at that point now that I was afraid of: having to go on without motivation. I’ve fallen into a trap that I often do when I feel really good about myself. I’ve lost about 30 lbs, I feel healthier and stronger and my clothes fit better. For some reason, instead of continuing to improve, I’ve let myself slip because I don’t feel as bad as I did back in January, when I started. Well that ends now!

Today marks 70 days until me, my husband, my brother and sister take a week-long trip to Orlando! My husband has never been, so we’ll be hitting up a few Disney theme parks and the Universal Studio/Islands of Adventure parks. I feel like 70 days is a good amount of time to set a mini-goal: lose 20 lbs. This will mean I will be under 200 lbs. by the time we go on vacation. I’ll be weighing in tomorrow morning, so I’ll know just how much under 200 I am aiming to be.

I will also be working on daily goals to help keep track of things that I am actually doing to achieve this goal.

Today’s Goals:

  • Strong Lifts 5×5
  • 20mins of cardio
  • Stick to MFP calorie goal
  • Prep tomorrow’s meals

Weigh-in Wednesday #15: Lady Talk – No PMS?

SW: 242.8 lbs

CW:  211.2 lbs

WK13: +3.8 lbs
WK14: +1.2 lbs
WK15: -5.2 lbs
WK16: —

TL: -31.6 lbs 

I finally feel like I’m back for real! I am 0.2 lbs down from where I was three weeks ago before my husband’s birthday and I went on an unofficial “diet break”. I didn’t plan on it, but it was kind of nice and I don’t feel bad about it. ‘COZ I’M BACK, BABY!

It’s Wednesday and I’m still having a great week! My mood is consistently chipper. I’m eating well and my hubby and I have been on a 3-day exercise streak. I’m really proud of the both of us for making fitness a part of our life. The fact that B is working out too makes me want to work out more. I’m doing more cardio, working in some running intervals but nothing too intense yet. I am introducing some ab workouts; planks, crunches and leg lifts.

It seems “that time of the month” starts today. Only a few days early, awesome! It’s funny how having a regular cycle is such a win for me. Also, this is the first time in a looooong time that I didn’t have any PMS symptoms the week before my period! In the week leading up to my period, I’m usually extra sensitive and cranky, bloated, pimply and craving junk food. This time, I can’t recall any of that happening. I don’t know why, but I really hope it can be like this more often.

Well, that’s about all I have to say today. Let’s keep the good vibes going this week! 🙂 ❤

Day 106: Still going!

I have not fallen completely off track! Well, kinda… it depends on how you look at it.

For most of April, my weight has gone up to as high as 219 lbs. That’s about 8 lbs higher than my lowest, in the beginning of April. This morning, the scale said 214.0 lbs. Just 3 lbs up. I am happy to be recommitting myself at this weight.

I’ve enjoyed myself a lot in the past few weeks. I tracked most of my food on myfitnesspal even when my calorie counts climbed to ridiculous heights. But right now I don’t regret any of it. I had moments where I would feel a little sad because I would think, if I had stayed strict, I could be very close to my 40 lbs lost milestone. I push those thoughts away though, because I know I will reach that milestone as long as I never give up! It was worth it to enjoy my husband’s birthday celebrations with people I love without having a war happen inside me every time food was involved.

It’s a new month! Time to get serious again. Before I know it, it’ll be summer and I hate to be the type of girl that says this.. “Bikini season is coming!”

I’m starting this week strong! Yesterday, B and I had low key day at home. We went grocery shopping, washed our bed sheets, did laundry and worked out. We work out at around 9pm-11pm because that’s just the best time for us because not a lot of people are at our condo gym at that time. There’s only one barbell and between the both of us, we hog that thing for an hour. The downside to working out at night is although our bodies are tired, we are both awake and energized well past midnight! Since I had the energy, I did a bit of midnight food prep. Grilled some chicken breasts and steamed some broccoli. Then I packed my food to bring to work today. Then watched some YouTube. We went to bed around 1am but at 2am, I was still struggling to settle into a REM cycle. It’s not always that hard but for some reason, last night it was.

I kind of went off on a tangent there. I was saying, I’m starting the week off strong! I have my food planned and packed for the day. I am starting off with some low-carb days. Tonight, I plan on doing some running and ab work since I already lifted last night. I can’t remember which day it was last week, but I had a really good treadmill session. I did running intervals for 30 minutes and it felt so good. I wasn’t getting wheezy and winded. My feet and calves weren’t killing me. It was a sign that I need to start training for the 5K run I have in July, my body is ready to start running again! Yay!

I’m feeling so good today and I’m hoping it lasts! I saw an image on Instagram yesterday that said: “This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you”. Oftentimes I go into the workweek with the wrong mindset. I don’t want the weekend to end! I don’t want to work, I don’t want to clean, cook, prep my meals… Every time I just want to hide on the couch all day, I’m going to think of that quote. I can handle it! And you know what? Doing all the things I’m supposed to do makes me feel better than if I were to blow it all off. Ignoring my responsibilities makes me feel guilty.

Well, this post turned out to be a mixed bag. That comes from being absent for so long. I have skipped a couple Weigh-in Wednesdays, but I will be posting on this week’s Weigh-in Wednesday.

Have a great week! ❤


Day 92: Wild Weekend!

I was definitely not living a healthy life for the past 4 days. I do not have many regrets about it, though.  I kept tracking in MFP even though I went over my calories by thousands each day. I’m on a 100 day streak on MFP, so I was not about to break it by living in denial.

This weekend felt like a vacation! My brother and his girlfriend came into town and stayed with us for B’s birthday weekend. My sister stayed with us as well. On Friday, we played games and ate good (not always healthy) food. That’s kind of our thing, board games, computer games, interactive games on the XBox. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. It’s such a great feeling to be close to my siblings and actually enjoy each others company. It’s hard to regret such a fantastic weekend.

B's Birthday dinner with my sister, my brother and his girlfriend <3

B’s Birthday dinner with my sister, my brother and his girlfriend ❤

I am not feeling bad at all today. In fact, I am feeling very good! This makes it so much easier to get back on track today. I have my snacks and lunch with me at work and I’m planning to sweat and lift at the gym tonight. It makes a world of difference when you don’t beat yourself up for a bad day/week! Instead of feeling bad of myself and thinking I have to punish myself with strict eating and exercise, I am happy to be eating food and doing exercise that will make my body feel good!

The week has barely begun, but I’m off to a good start. Let’s hope it stays this way!

Weigh-in Wednesday #12: DietBet – So close!


Loving that downward slope!

SW: 242.8 lbs

CW: 211.4 lbs

WK9: -0.8 lbs
WK10: -3 lbs
WK11: +2.2 lbs
WK12: -4.6 lbs

Month 3 total: -6.2 lbs

TL: -31.4 lbs 

Yay for getting back on track! 4.6 seems like a lot, but about half of that is bloat and water weight from the week before. It was that time of the month and I had caved into old eating habits.

This month has been pretty inconsistent in the food department and you can see that reflected in this month’s weigh-ins. I kept over-indulging on the weekends and although it hasn’t hurt my progress overall, I still think I need to exercise a little more control because a lot of those indulgences happened not because I’m hungry but because I needed comfort. There’s a fine line between indulging and throwing it all out the window.

Anyway, I feel like I’m in a good place right now. I’ve been getting regular exercise, I’m getting stronger, and I reached my 30 lb milestone! Yay! So much to be happy about going into my fourth month!

So about the DietBet… to win, I needed to weigh-in at 211.6 lbs so yes, as of this morning I did hit that number, but I was a couple of days late! On the day of the final weigh-in, I was 212, 0.4 lbs away from winning! So close! Ah well, I don’t feel bad at all because I lost a total of 8.4 lbs during the bet, which is a win in my books! Being part of that DietBet group was super helpful and motivating, I think that alone makes the whole thing worth it. I don’t think I’ll be joining another one anytime soon, though. I felt like the pressure towards the end of the bet caused unnecessary stress, which in turn made me want to eat poorly! Isn’t that weird?

This journey has no finish line and no deadline. That’s the beauty of it. I only have to concern myself with achieving my best today and allow the results to follow.

Day 82: DietBet win – There’s hope after all!

There are 3 days left in the DietBet, and I was curious to see where I stand. I wanted to know if the water weight and bloat I’d gained from 4 days of over eating was gone. The answer is yes! Yes it is!

This morning, I weigh 213.2 lbs. Yay! That’s 0.6 under what I was before my 4-day ‘fail’. I am now 1.6 lbs from my DietBet goal and I can’t help but think that I can totally do that if I put in some hard work for the next 3 days. More cardio, more water, more discipline!

I’m trying hard to sneak cardio into my work day. This week, I started walking up and down 5 floors of stairs randomly. Once or twice during the 8 hrs of my desk job. I also go for a 20-30 minute walk in the afternoon, weather permitting. This all really helps me surpass my step goal without having to spend an hour on the treadmill. I already go to the washroom more often than the average person because of all the water I drink, now I’m getting up from my desk a few more times a day. I hope my co-workers don’t find it weird!

Going down the stairs, pretending I have somewhere to go before climbing back up, lol.

Going down the stairs, pretending I have somewhere to go before climbing back up, lol.

The upcoming weekends are going to be a challenge for me because of my husband’s birthday. We are doing something every weekend! Tomorrow, we’re having lunch with friends. We’re going to our favorite Korean restaurant, I have mastered fitting Pork Bone Soup into my ‘healthy lifestyle’, so that part doesn’t concern me. A birthday MUST have ice cream cake! I have already planned on having a slice. Let’s hope the cake gets finished so it’s not calling my name from the freezer the next day! I’m pretty good at planning, but I have to fight the part of me that wants to say: It’s B’s birthday! Go wild, you can get back on track on Monday.

Next Friday is B’s actual birthday, (and the DietBet will be over by then) so there will be some definite splurging happening at dinnertime. He hasn’t decided what he wants for his birthday dinner. We’re also having my brother and sister sleepover next weekend, “Sibling Sleepover” is what we call it. This is where the real danger starts! I won’t go too much into it but I’m going to have to practice some serious willpower to indulge in moderation.

The weekend after that is another birthday dinner with another set of friends/cousins… and then the next day is a birthday lunch with B’s parents, they’ll be back from the Philippines by then. That ends of B’s Big Birthday-Month Bonanza! I am really excited for all the festivities. I love my husband and I want to celebrate him as much as I can. I love my family and friends, I can’t wait to spend my weekends with them. This is a good life and I’m going to enjoy it, just in a healthier way than I’m used to.

Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend!